West Coast Swing for every Generation!

from 02.08.2019 – 04.08.2019

What is Swing Generations?

That was the question we were asking ourselves when we thought about creating our own event. We wanted something different. We wanted to invest in our younger dancers – our future.

That’s why we are giving dancers under 21 years a 30% discount off their weekend! Amazing? Yes! But that’s not the only thing! We have lots more to look forward to!

Swing Generations does not only focus in the younger dancers, but also on the more experienced ones! Got your interest? Scroll down and see what we have in store for you!

where and when is swing generations?

Swing Generations will happen in the Tanzwelt Erding from the 2nd to the 04th of august in Erding, Germany. Where is that you ask? Erding is located in Bavaria, in the south of Germany. It is only 15 minutes from Munich Airport! We have a lot of beer and the world’s largest Spa, so it is definitely worth a visit!

what can you expect from swing generations?

Open-Air Pre Party with live band

Honey String from Austria will perform live WCS music for you at the Sinnflut Festival! Sinnflut Festival is a mixed cultural festival with lots of food and music!

15 Hours of Leveled Workshops

2 days full of Workshops from 2 top class international couples. What more do you need?

Prize money for the Generations Cup

Curious about what the Generations Cup is? It is a mixed division where the dancers will be matched with another dancer who is at least 15 years older or younger. We want to create a unique atmosphere where everybody can dance with everyone!

4 Hours of Special Workshops

We have 2 different classes ready for you: Body Awareness and Aerial Yoga!

We need reservation for Aerial Yoga (11 spots).

Can be done at the check-in!

Who is there to make swing generations unforgettable?

Wayne & Aggi

Wayne, from Oxford in the UK, and Agnieszka from Poland have been dancing West Coast Swing for the last 8 years. Since then they have become familiar faces on the West Coast Swing scene for Teaching, MC’ing, Judging and Event Directing. Both quickly fell in love with the style and freedom of West Coast Swing. Now they are 1 of only 2 teaching couples in the whole of Poland to compete at international competitions at the Advanced and All Star Level.

Wherever they are, people always are completely overwhelmed by their loving and caring classes. They love to help dancers get better but also love to have a good and long talk with you guys off the dancefloor!

László is an enthusiast of teaching the dance to others. He has been teaching weekly regular classes, weekend workshops, private classes and coaching sessions since 2013. As time passed he was invited to teach abroad, visit new countries, meeting motivated and motivating students in Austria, Belarus, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Israel, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, the United States and Ukraine. He is currently the director of the JT Swing Teams Vienna.

His classes are known for a fun and welcoming atmosphere, detailed technical tuition and his radiating enthusiasm to transfer his knowledge and experience to his students.

László & Stella
Artur Faiss

Body Awareness

In order to achieve better stability and an optimal lead situation in the dance, dancers need a good trunk musculature.
This also achieves a better turning axis and allows the dancers to perform fast, accentuated movements.
In this class, we will also focus on the weight transfer from leg to leg and the associated hip movement. With the help of Pilates exercises for strengthening and stretching and with balance and perception exercises for the body axis, we will create the desired smoothness in West Coast Swing.

Aerial Yoga

Thanks to specially developed elastic cloths, you literally float through the studio and a sense of boundless freedom comes up. The dream of flying comes true. The cloth allows you to master even challenging positions, to keep them for a long time and to experience them in a completely new way. The physical boundaries are shifting or even completely neutralized. Courage, confidence and a lot of fun accompany the physical and mental training.

Bianca Sánchez

Get your ticket and save a spot!

Full Pass


Friday – Sunday

  • – 2 Parties
  • – up to 15 Hours of Leveled Workshops
  • – 4 Special Workshops
  • – Competitions (fee not included)

Day Pass



  • – 1 Party
  • – up to 6 Hours of Leveled Workshops
  • – 2 Special Workshops
  • – Competitions (fee not included)

Day Pass



  • – up to 8 Hours of Leveled Workshops
  • – 2 Special Workshops


Level 2

You are an experienced dancer and you like to experiment with your body. Passes, turns and whips are nothing new for you. You want to improve your ability to fluently change your patterns. At least 1 year of West Coast Swing experience. (Teachers may give advice to change levels)

Level 3

You know your patterns and you want to improve on your technique and musicality. If you want to know how to be creative, how to hit the music and strenghten your foundations, then this level is the right one for you. At least 2,5 years of experience of West Coast Swing. (Teachers may give advice to change levels)